Monday, December 6, 2010

The BC Review: Burlesque

Despite the abundance of criticism this film is receiving, I was pleasantly surprised by the experience I shared with my fellow movie-goers when checking out the new musical; Burlesque.

Not placing too much emphasis on the details (who really needs quality dialogue anyway?) the Christina Aguilera/Cher-helmed musical Burlesque is an entertaining array of glitz, glamour, seduction, stage theatrics, and above all - the astounding vocals of Ms. Aguilera!

Admittedly, before catching Aguilera on the big screen, I had a few of her bigger top 40 hits on my iPod (Fighter and Genie in a Bottle to name a couple), but following the film I have a funny feeling I will be increasing my Aguilera intake. I believe I am now a fan of the blond diva!

Our first glimpse of Aguilera, playing the role of Ali, is of her working in a dive diner in her mid-west hometown. Fed up with the trappings of small-town life, Ali sets off for the big city - Los Angeles - but not without belting out a killer rendition of the great, Etta James' "Something's Got a Hold On Me". From here we are hooked. Throughout the film Aguilera's Ali takes to the stage in a LA retro-Burlesque club, chimmying and belting out one hit after another (as well as a few originals).

In addition to Aguilera, we are treated to the talented vocal stylings, red lips, and legs that seem to go on forever, of one of the most famous divas of them all, Cher. It seems the inclusion of Cher to the Burlesque cast was likely an attempt to draw some "star power" to the film. But it really wasn't needed. Of course, Cher is fun to gaze at and she lends her voice to the flick in two notable numbers, but her presence seems forced. In this reviewer's opinion, Burlesque embodies enough pizazz without the additional swagger Cher brings to the stage.

Stanley Tucci and Kristin Bell lend their talents to the film as well. Tucci playing a familiar role as the unlucky in love assistant/best friend to Cher (think Nigel in The Devil Wears Prada). But Bell steps out of her comfort zone, taking on the villainous Nikki who will stop at nothing to halt Ali's ascension to the Burlesque spotlight.

Burlesque will fulfil the guilty pleasure in us all - lots of sparkle, even more lip gloss, and tons of toe-tapping music.

The Bee Charmer Review rating: B-

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