Sunday, August 8, 2010

The BC Review: The Other Guys

As the summer is already beginning to show signs of winding down (can it really be August already?!), my husband and I find ourselves heading to the theatre as often as we can (before he heads back for his last year of law school). This past Friday night, along with some friends of ours, we made our way to the Courthouse AMC 8 and caught The Other Guys.

The Other Guys, starring Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg, served up an uproarious funny "buddy cop" film.

Fans of Will Ferrell will be pleasantly pleased with his comedic contributions; as always, he delivers both classic and modern comedic timing, complete with some great quotes. As the bumbling Allen Gamble, Ferrell gives us exactly what we expect; the awkward coward, with surprisingly good instincts who somehow manages to save the day.

As my husband can attest, I am quite the Mark Wahlberg fan. Whether it be serious roles (catch him as Staff Sgt. Dignam in The Departed) or his recent comedic roles (equally as good in Date Night, I Heart Huckabees,and the seriously under rated, Rock Star). Wahlberg plays the straight dead-pan cop, Terry Hoitz; a counter to Ferrell's Gamble, with expert precision. Stuck in a less-than-exciting desk job (for shooting one of New York's beloved stars), Hoitz seeks the action of the streets and continuously exclaims "I'm a peacock, you gotta let me fly!" to anyone who will listen. Of course, much to his dismay, he is not only saddled with completing the paperwork for the force's star cops, P.K Highsmith and Christopher Danson (a seriously over-rated duo) Hoitz is stuck with a bumbling fool of a partner who is exstatic to lend his accounting skills to the dynamic duo.

In addition to Wahlberg and Ferrell, we are treated to welcome performances from the original "bad Ass" (with a capital "A") Samuel L. Jackson and Disney's latest action money-making machine, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson (seriously, this guy is in everything right now). While watching these two, be prepared for one crazy (and obviously absurd, but not in a bad way) ride through the streets of NYC, followed by some super machismo office antics. The NYPD's super heros, Highsmith and Danson attempt to steal the spotlight from our true heros (but fortunately for us, they do not succeed).

The lovely and vivacious, Eva Mendes also lends a hand (and a sexy smile) to the flick. In a hilarious twist, Mendez puts on quite the show as Gamble's startlingly beautiful, and by all accounts, completely out of his league wife, Dr. Sheila Gamble. Wahlberg is his best while interacting with Ferrell and Mendez. Needless to say, Hoitz cannot keep his eyes off her all night long and remains in a state of complete shock over the good doctor's (obviously flawed?)choice in men.

Expect to be laughing pretty much throughout the entirety of this film. It is definitely one of the better comedies out there this summer.

The Other Guys is recommended for fans of the buddy cop comedy, the action thriller, and the comedic stylings of Will Ferrell.

The BC Review Rating: B+