Saturday, August 21, 2010

The BC Review: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Following our summertime trend this year, my husband and I ventured out on a random Monday evening to catch another light-hearted, distinctly summer-esque flick, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World.

As I am not a reader of graphic novels, I can't speak for the film's accuracy in terms of keeping close to the original story and/or depiction/illustration (for those of you who are, I'd love to hear your thoughts). But, I can say this - I thoroughly enjoyed this off-beat flick about a young man (Scott Pilgrim, played by Michael Cera) trying to find love and ultimately choosing self respect.

To accurately review this one, I feel it necessary to set the stage:

- First, you need to go into this one with a quirky sense of humor (think low-budget Indie flick, only without the low-budget aspect). The film is set in Toronto, but is in a video-game world. Quirkie, definitely quirkie. Complete with Super Mario Bros/Mortal Combat type images and sounds.

- Then you need to consider the crazy storyline and even crazier characters (keep an eye out for an absolutely diabolical Jason Schwartzman as Gideon).

- Finally, strap yourself in for one awesome ride!

As you can probably tell from the title, this one is about 22 year old Scott Pilgrim and his battles with "the world" which in reality range from playing in a "rock band", dating a 17 year old Catholic school girl, falling in love with a punk-styled Ramona, and then (and this is the kicker), battling Ramona's 7 evil exes (aka. ex-boyfriends and one ex-girlfriend) for not only the right to be with Ramona, but also the right to life!

Ramona Flowers (played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead) is the alluring new girl in town with a positively punk attitude (and attire to match). First spotted in Scott's dream (yes, he sees her in his dreams before he ever sees her in real life), Ramona is instantly ingrained as the woman Scott is destined to be with. All he has to do is figure out A) how to meet her and B) how to get her to love him as much as he loves her. Of course, as with all love stories, this is not such an easy task. Ramona is nothing if not aloof.

For the sake of brevity (and not ruining the best parts of the film for you) I will say Scott ultimately "gets the girl". But much to his dismay upon discovering Ramona has a new man in her life these exes come seeking revenge. Scott is subsequently forced into fight to the death battles with these exes (don't worry, they don't come all at once, he of course has to fight each one individually, only succeeding in defeating them by discovering their weaknesses).

Of course, as I mentioned, this all takes place in a video-game type world so the "deaths" are not gruesome, but rather envision the hero defeating the evil villain in a Mortal Combat zone (think: when these guys fall they turn to coins).

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World comes recommended for fans of the Indie flick, and of course (due to his substantial role in the film), Michael Cera. Seriously, if you did not enjoy Arrested Development, Juno, or Superbad, might be best to leave this one alone.

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The Bee Charmer Review Rating: B+